Monday, March 5, 2012

Another Historic Map Resource

The other day I wrote about the Carte de Cassini which I use as one of the campaign maps for my Flashing Blades campaign.

Today Paul at Quickly, Quietly, Carefully linked an absolutely amazing resource for any gamers running historical roleplaying games and anyone who feels joy at the sight of a map.

In about a minute I found an incredible map of Piedmont and Monferrato, where the action in our campaign is currently taking place.

Wow. I'm gonna have some serious fun with this.


  1. As a historian AND a lover of maps, this stuff is pure gold.

  2. That site is extremely bad news. Every time I go there, hours pass and I should be DOING OTHER STUFF.

  3. That makes me want to run historical games, just so I can use it...

  4. It's a bit like adding time travel to your virtual vacation options.

    1. Wow!! that's amazing historic map ,I love this,thanks for sharing.