Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tossing the Gauntlet

You've been challenged to a duel. Roll 1D20 for the form in which the invitation arrives.

1. A chorale issues the challenge in the form of a madrigal sung in quintal harmony.

2. The challenge is tattooed on a piece of cured human skin.

3. The challenge is printed on broadsides which are posted in every marketplace in the city.

4. A suckling pig is served at a court banquet with the challenge on a rolled sheet of vellum sticking out of the pig's arse.

5. The challenge is sewn into a silk ribbon plaited into your lover's hair.

6. The challenge is stuck to your front door using the broken hilt of a good friend's sword.

7. The challenge is spelled out in fireworks at a court gala.

8. The challenge is carved into the oak tree outside your lover's bedroom window.

9. The challenge is inserted into the dialogue of a commedia dell'arte performance.

10. A sword is delivered in a case with the challenge engraved into the blade.

11. A silk-and-velvet doublet arrives with the challenge embroidered into the fabric.

12. An old peasant slowly drives a mule-drawn charrette around the city, with the challenge painted on a dirty sheet draped over the side of the cart.

13. The challenge is printed as the dedication in a fencing manual.

14. The challenge arrives stamped into the surface of a cannonball.

15. A painting depicting you and your challenger dueling in a well-known location appears on the wall of your lover's salon.

16. The challenge is written in blood on the steps of your parish church.

17. The challenge is painted on a long banner hanging from a hot-air balloon.

18. A ruby-lipped courtesan in a passing carriage tosses you her scarlet silk glove, with the challenge on a slip of paper inside.

19. The challenger slaps you and demands satisfaction - sometimes the old ways are best, after all.

20. Roll twice - the challenger is taking no chances that the invitation may be missed.


  1. Beautiful.

    I rolled a 9. It could not possibly be more appropriate :)

  2. I didn't roll, but #6 pushes all my buttons. You don't mess with my friends, so the deity of your choice help you when I come for you.

  3. Sir Mike, or be tha' Cap'n Mike? Yarrr!

    First off, allow me to thank 'ee fer droppin' anchor at the hearth. Made a fine bloody mess of the floor, but I won't be holdin' it against 'ee.

    I rolled a 4 - pig's arse, indeed! A lesson needs teachin', me thinks... yarr!

  4. Sorry 'bout the anchor - twas aimin' for the fish pond, I was.