Thursday, March 8, 2012

We Shall Doubtless Meet Some Adventure

"Master," said Morāno, "shall we have more adventures to-day?"

"I trust so," said Rodriguez, "We have far to go, and it will be dull journeying without them."

Morāno turned his eyes from his master's face and looked back to the plain. "There, master," he said, "where our road runs through a wood, will our adventure be there, think you? Or there, perhaps," and waved his hand widely farther.

"No, said Rodriguez, "we pass that in broad daylight."

"Is that not good for adventure?" said Morāno.

"The romances teach," said Rodriguez, "that twilight or night are better. The shade of deep woods are favourable, but there are no such woods on this plain. When we come to evening we shall doubtless meet some adventure, far over there." And he pointed to the grey rim of the plain where it started climbing towards hills.

- Don Rodriguez: Chronicles of Shadow Valley, Lord Dunsany

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