Saturday, March 10, 2012

This Field of Honor

You are challenged to a duel. Roll 1D20 to determine the actual location.

1. On a floating mill anchored in the middle of the Seine.

2. Amidst the crumbling ruins of an old church perched on the edge of an insanely high cliff.

3. In the shop and forge of a drunken smith filled with finished and unfinished swords.

4. Under the vaulted ceilings of a laird's castle armory.

5. Swinging from the bellropes of a cathedral campanile.

6. Leaping from balcony to balcony of a grand theatre on opening night.

7. Over the cracking ice of a frozen river - on skates.

8. Atop a runaway carriage hurtling down a forest road under a think canopy of low-hanging branches.

9. In a convert courtyard between washed linens hanging from a web of suspended ropes.

10. Between tubs filled with soapy water and various colors of dye in the palace laundry, surrounded by shrieking laundresses.

11. On a tilting yard high above the deck of a sinking galleon as fire licks at the magazine.

12. On a battle-scarred bastion as cannon and musketfire rages between the opposing armies.

13. During a party in the doge's garden as patricians bet on the outcome.

14. In the basket of a hot air balloon during a gale.

15. In a sappers' tunnel under a cemetery, with bones protruding from the ceiling, as a burning fuse races toward barrels of powder.

16. On the sands of an arena in the middle of a bullfight as the bull known as El Gancho de Cuerno charges into the ring to the cheers of the crowd.

17. By torchlight in a ring of menhirs on a lonely moor, as wolves howl in the distance.

18. On the wooden scaffolds and a rope-and-pulley elevator surrounding a tall church tower.

19. In a lighthouse as a storm rages and waves crash against the tower.

20. In an alchemist's basement laboratory, amid alembics filled with all manner of conconctions while powders sizzle in crucibles.


  1. Those are all brilliant. So much potential.

  2. I rolled an 11. I sat staring at the screen for a little while wondering what next; lacking any other method for forward momentum, I decided to do this: The Pillars of Hercules

  3. 14.) In the baskets of a hot air balloon during a gale.

    How freaking awesome that I rolle that.

    Now you just need to come up with a list of weapons to roll.