Thursday, March 1, 2012

GMs Day Sale at DriveThruRPG

DriveThruRPG's GM's Day Sale is on now through 7 March. Among the discounted titles are Flashing Blades - already a steal, now even moreso - 7th Sea and Swashbuckling Adventures, Pirates of the Spanish Main, Honor + Intrigue, The Free Musketeers - a product about which I know nothing more than the cover blurb - and The Adventures of Sindbad. It sounds like I have the excuse I needed to pick up H+I, and The Adventures of Sindbad has my attention as well.

Notably not on sale? All for One: Régime Diabolique. Triple Ace Games is apparently quite confidant in the value of their product at its current price-point. I wish them good luck with that, but my own meagre gaming coin goes elsewhere.


  1. Adventures of Sinbad SOUNDS up my alley but my Google search didn't turn up much about it. Have you any details?

    1. I've only skimmed the rules, but it didn't make a great impression. I need to spend some quality time with them when I get the chance.