Thursday, March 15, 2012

Honor + Intrigue Campaign Wiki at Obsidian Portal

There is a new wiki at Obsidian Portal, De Cape et d’Épée, for an Honor + Intrigue campaign. The campaign shows as "In Planning," and I'm really looking forward to following along once it gets rolling. The wiki includes a H+! character which is worth a look-see if you're curious about what an adventurer's stats look like.

The referee is un Québécois and the wiki is in French.

Also, note to self: request that H+I gets added to the games listings on OP.


  1. More characters have been added since!

  2. The game will start in september.

    You can read the premise on here: .

    1. Excellent - looking forward to following along.

    2. The status changed from "in planning" to "currently playing". We had our first session yesterday and everybody had fun.