Sunday, March 25, 2012

More on En Garde!

If you haven't been following perdustin's series at Thoul's Paradise on the first cape-and-sword tabletop roleplaying game, GDW's En Garde! here's a chance to catch up.

The Other Little Brown Book
The Fine Art of Pretending to Fence
The Importance of Status
Clubs and Bawdyhouses
No Friends for the Cardinal's Guard
The Vagaries of War and Fortune

If you've never heard of En Garde! and its approach to roleplaying - which includes some significant differences from the model presented by D&D - or simply want to learn more about the early history of roleplaying games, I strongly recommend giving these a look.


  1. Thanks for the mention. I just republished my most recent post due to some Blogger errors.

    I anticipate one last En Garde! post next week.

    1. My pleasure - I've enjoyed reading them.

      I also fixed the link in my post.

  2. I'm getting the sense that some of the questions I have about how things in Flashing Blades are supposed to work would be answered by getting hold of En Garde!.

    1. FB draws a lot of its inspiration from both En Garde! and Crimson Cutlass.