Friday, March 9, 2012

GMs Day Sale Haul

I am, by my own admission, a cheap spiv when it comes to roleplaying games, so I like that the GM's Day Sale at DriveThruRPG allows me to pick up a few titles each year at below-market rates.

This year's haul?

Bushido - Fantasy Games Unlimited's mytho-historic roleplaying game of fedual Japan. I'm working on a set of courtier rules for Flashing Blades and I want to see if Bushido has some ideas to steal emulate.

The Adventures of Sindbad - A QUAGS (Quick Ass Game System) hack of the Sinbad tales. I'm a sucker for anything Arabian Nights-ish.

Sanxesta - A setting book for the Suzerain game-setting compatible with The Free Musketeers. The cover blurb makes it sound something like The City from Swordspoint, so I decided to give it a look, for encounter and event ideas for my own campaign.

Honor + Intrigue - I immediately did a search for the word 'chandelier,' as one of the first things I want to know about a cape-and-sword game is how it handles a chandelier swing. Sure enough, it gets covered in the section on stunts, along with rules for how many "Pawns" and "Elites" can be taken out by a falling chandelier. Hrrm. Not the kind of stuff I typically look for from a roleplaying game, but then, I am a grognard with the innate mistrust of anything that sounds like it was published after about 1980 or so.* I must remember to keep an open mind as I read.

So, some new toys to break play with.

* Flashing Blades, which draws much of its inspiration from En Garde!, Crimson Cutlass, and Traveller, gets a pass on this.

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  1. Bushido is one of my all-time favorite games. Led me to Japanese literature as well.