Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nothing Is Unobtainable to the Sword

"Master," said Morāno, looking at the sapphire now on his own little finger near the top joint, the only stone amongst his row of rings, "you must surely have great wealth."

"Yes," said Rodriguez, slapping the scabbard that held his Castilian blade. And when he saw that Morāno's eyes were staring at the little emeralds that were dotted along the velvet of the scabbard he explained that it was the sword that was his wealth:

"For in the wars," he said, "are all things to be won, and nothing is unobtainable to the sword. For parchment and custom govern all the possessions of man, as they taught me in the college of San Josephus. Yet the sword is at first the founder and discoverer of all possessions; and this my father told me before he gave me this sword, which hath already acquired in the old time fair castles with many a tower."

- Don Rodriguez: Chronicles of Shadow Valley, Lord Dunsany

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