Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Wyeth


  1. Mike,
    Thanks to your series of Wednesday Wyeth I'm changing my desktop backround and my wife and I have decided on a slight alteration to our decorating scheme for our newly renovated bathroom.

    1. I love his color palette.

      But should I be apologizing to your wife?

    2. LOL! Not at all. LOL!
      The color palette works very well with the bathroom. We had been planning to put up photos of Santorini and Malta, perhaps also Venice.

      We're now leaning towards some Wyeth prints.

      Since the bathroom will be used primarily by guests and our growing brood of children, the Wyeth illustrations offer a streak of whimsey in what could have become something sterile-enough for a magazine spread.

      I need to share some pics with the family anyway. I'll shoot you a couple if you're interested.


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