Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday Wyeth


  1. Yet another painting that needs to end up on the wall of my boys' room. :)

    1. The quotation one the first page of my campaign wiki describes this duel.

      I almost used this for my the banner on the wiki, but the period is just far enough off that I went with the Mead Schaefer instead; it does appear at the top of the player resources page, Swashbuckling 101.

      One of my favorite Wyeth works.

    2. I'd noticed it on your Wiki and had wondered if this was an illustration of that duel. That quotation and image have convinced my wife to add Westward, Ho! to the reading list for our oldest as he gets in to tales of romance and derring-do.

      We just started reading Treasure Island to the boys at bedtime and they are enthralled.

    3. The Scribners editions of Westward Ho! and Treasure Island have the NC Wyeth illustrations in them. Worth spending an extra couple of bucks, in my opinion.

    4. Thanks, Mike!

      The copy of TI I picked up the other night at Half-Price Books has the Milo Winter illustrations. We've got two copies of Wind in the Willows. No reason we can't have multiple copies of other great books. I'll hunt them down.


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