Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"I thought it fitting, considering the rocky terrain."

This is fun: a martial arts blogger analyzes Wesley and Inigo's duel with respect to the sword-masters they reference during the iconic scene in The Princess Bride. It's a good read, especially if you have studied your Agrippa.

Which I have.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Fuck Photobucket

So, you may notice RBE has a new look, courtesy of the soulless bloodsuckers at Photobucket, which changed its terms of service Wednesday regarding linking and third-party hosting of images stored in a Pb library. In order to host images elsewhere, I'm required to sign up for their highest level 'plan,' costing $400.00 a year, for the exact same service I've enjoyed as a member for over eight years.

Apparently viewing the increasing barrage of ads on their site didn't squeeze enough enough money out of my membership for Pb to continue storing and accepting links to the server-straining 71 MB of images in my library, images I used for both blogs as well as my Obsidian Portal wiki, which is now completely gutted - zero functionality. Oh, and since I'm on the subject, fuck Obsidian Portal as well - years of developer inattention and arbitrary changes busted links all over Le Ballet de l'Acier already, reducing the sites functionality to the point where I simply stopped adding new material and used a backup copy offline as my referee notes.

A smart company would've imposed its fee on new members while honoring its agreements with existing customers. Photobucket is not a smart company, however, and they obviously don't give a fuck about the impact their decisions have on their members beyond 'pay the monkey.'

I don't have the time to go back and fix everything that was ratfucked on RBE, sadly. It will remain a monument to corporate douchery. And the wreckage of Le Ballet de l'Acier is coming down for good.

Here's one last image Photobucket can't fuck with.