Sainte-Argène-sur-Barmie campaign-specific rules

3.41 General Skills
Player characters may begin the game with one pseudoskill, with referee approval; see Of Skill Synergies and Pseudoskills: A Flashing Blades House Rule.

3.72 Outfitting
Starting characters begin with equipment related to their skills; see Les Trousseaux: Skill-Based Starting Equipment for Flashing Blades.

THIS IS A PROPOSED RULE NOT YET APDOPTED: As normal actions, a player character may attempt to Taunt, Feint, or Threaten; see Taunts, Feints, and Threats for Flashing Blades.

4.55 Effects of Damage
If total damage on the head, chest, or flank exceeds one-half of a character's total hit points, or exceeds total Hit Points, the character must make a Luck check; if the characters fails the Luck check, the character dies, otherwise the character is unconscious for 1 to 6 hours (roll 1D6).

5.32 The Royal Army
The most 'local' regiment is the Navarre Regiment (le régiment de Navarre), with three companies of Musketeers, two companies of Piquiers, and one company of Dragoons. For Soldier characters who want to serve in the city fortress garrison, consisting of one company of Fusiliers and one company of Artillerists, or Gentlemen and Noblemen characters in the city militia company of Fusiliers, see Fortress France: An Alternative Military Career for Flashing Blades.

5.42 Joining the Clergy
For details on the life of a Catholic Student of Theology and the Minor Orders occupation, see Student of Theology: Seminary and Minor Orders in Flashing Blades.

5.52 Entering the Bureaucracy
For details on the life of a Student of Law and the Notary and Procurator occupations, see Student of Law: An Alternate Approach to Legal Professions in Flashing Blades.

5.61 Gentlemen's Clubs
Argènois gentlemen's clubs:
ClubMin. SREntrance RollYearly Dues
L'épée du Grand Henri711+40 £/yr.
Le Cheval Barmie69+25 £/yr.
La Croix Jaune58+20 £/yr.
Le Chat Argenté ('Lo Matagot')47+10 £/yr.

L'épée du Grand Henri ('The Sword of Henry the Great') is a branch of the same club found in Paris and elsewhere in France. Members of Le Cheval Barmie ('The Barmie Horse,' a mythical water horse known from local folklore) share reciprocal membership with The Bishop's Club elsewhere in France. Members of La Croix Jaune ('The Yellow Cross') share reciprocal membership with The Black Cross elsewhere in France. Le Chat Argenté ('The White Cat') is the official name of the club, but argènois know the club as 'Lo Matagot,' the Occitan name for a folkloric spirit animal.

Argènois salles d'armes:
Fencing Institution Style(s) Taught
La Scuola di Capo FerroItalian
L'École DancieFrench
La Fraternità LatinaItalian and Spanish
L'Académie d'Equitation et du Puissance des ArmesOld, Cavalry, and French

'La Scuola' ('The School of Capo Ferro') and 'l'École' ('The School of Dancie') and 'la Fraternità' ('The Latin Fraternity') and 'l'Académie' ('The Academy of Riding and Power of Arms') are rivals; their respective students often quarrel and duel.

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