Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Dark Sail on the Horizon: Addendum

My Mediterranean-flavored derivation of the High Seas random maritime encounters table for Flashing Blades uses the phrase "nearest sea power" for several encounters.

Here's a guide to the "nearest sea power" in the Mediterranean of the early 17th century.

Location Nearest Sea Power
Alboran Sea Spain (1-5), Algiers (Barbary state) (6)
Baeleric Sea (includes Gulf of Lion) Spain (1-4), Barbary states (5), France (6)
Ligurian Sea France (1), Savoy (2-3), Genoa (4-6)
Tyrrhenian Sea Tuscany (1-2), Papal States (3), Spain (Naples) (4-6)
Adriatic Sea Venice (1-4), Ottoman Empire (5), Ragusa (6)
Ionian Sea Spain (Naples) (1-2), Venice (3-4), Ottoman Empire (5), Knights of Saint John (Malta) (6)
Aegean Sea Ottoman Empire (1-6)
Sea of Crete Ottoman Empire (1-3) Venice (4-6)
Libyan Sea (includes Gulf of Sidra) Barbary states (1-2), Ottoman Empire (3-5), Knights of Saint John (6)
Levantine Sea Ottoman Empire (1-6)

The Libyan Sea stretches along the coast of North Africa from Tunisia to Egypt; the Levantine Sea is the far eastern extent of the Mediterranean Sea from a line running roughly from Rhodes to Alexandria.


  1. Very useful. I hope you don't mind that I will be stealing this someday when Ican get a Flashing Blades campsign going.

    1. You can't steal that which is given away freely. Hope it helps.


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