Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Masque of Faith: A Tale of Giancarlo di Venezia

Josh Graboff of The Signe of the Frothing Mug gives us another installment - the fifth! - in the adventures of Giancarlo of Venice, turning one of my random table results into another entertaining swashbuckler.

I strongly recommend reading this with a glass of Valpolicella at hand.


  1. Many thanks! I do enjoy taking those tables and seeing where I can run with them. Had to make a slight change towards the end there as I realized I had written myself into a corner in terms of the actual roll, but I think it all worked for the good.

    1. Y'know, if you keep writing these stories, you're only going to force me to make more tables.

    2. Oh, woe! I'm just waiting for you to make ENOUGH tables that I am forced to write enough Giancarlos to put together a compilation called "I, Giancarlo of Venice"

  2. Mmmm...Valpollicella. Brings back memories of living in the Castelli Romani. Someday I'll get back there again.