Friday, February 8, 2013

Kickstarter: Tavern Cards

Only four days left to kickstart Hannah Lipsky's Tavern Cards, a deck of cards used to randomly generate taverns for roleplaying games. The project is about $1500.00 short of its $5000.00 goal.

Given my love of the random, I backed this project as soon as I heard about it. Unfortunately, unless a fair number of other gamers get excited about it, too, this isn't going to beat its deadline.

Check it out, and if the spirit moves, back it.


  1. Let's get these card published!

  2. I backed it, cuz it seems like a cool idea.

  3. Thanks for posting this Mike.

    This would be useful for my H+I Campaign. The PCs are currently on the road south from Paris towards Lyon and a quick generator for Taverns is just the thing. I just pledged. Current total is $3,635, so still a ways to go.