Friday, June 14, 2013

Maelstrom Kickstarter

The venerable Maelstrom roleplaying game is, after nearly thirty years, getting a new edition. Called Maelstrom Domesday, the setting shifts from Tudor England to Norman England two decades after the Conquest. The rules are revamped to include a lifepath system and new options for magic, as well as a mini-setting.

The Kickstarter - what roleplaying game isn't funded by Kickstarter, these days? - already funded, and even better, it also reached its first stretch goal, a book of maps and floorplans by an amazing artist named Steve Luxton. If I didn't already want the new edition for its lifepath and alchemy rules, I'd back it for the stretch goal, which looks to be pure gaming gold.

My only reservation? I would much rather see Malestrom Cavaliers and Roundheads than Maelstrom '1066 and All That', but hopefully Graham Bottley can take a hint. I'd really love to see Graham's take on an ECW mini-setting like Strange Days in Nayland for the original game.


  1. I would've been tempted if the entrance price was just a little bit cheaper, but given that I haven't been impressed with the quality of Arion Games treatment of the Maelstrom game (they really need to find someone who can do a bit of decent document formatting) I just can't justify $15 for what will probably be visually ugly pdf, if past examples are anything to go by. Hopefully I'm proved wrong this time around however.

    1. The presentation isn't much to speak of, no, but the content I've used extensively in my FB campaign

  2. Hopefully people will like the layout in the new book..... You can see a sample on the Kickstarter page!

  3. The sample layout does looks good Graham, thanks for pointing that out, it's a huge improvement on previous Maelstrom titles which have been visually quite amateur looking. And it's fantastic to see some "real" artwork in this product, rather then the computer generated 3D stuff (which is really not my cup of tea).

    I'm disappointed you have made the pdf so pricey when in comparison the cost of the softcover is actually quite reasonable. I'll no doubt end up buying the pdf one day as I have purchased all the previous Maelstrom titles, but when I do, it will be with the help of a RPGNow discount coupon.


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