Monday, June 10, 2013

Bombshell Miniatures

"Bombshell Miniatures is a collection of of creators, artists and sculptors from various disciplines working together to bring exceptional miniature figures . . . featuring strong iconic female characters from various genres." A blend of cheesecake and girl power, the line features characters from the fantasy, steampunk, space opera, and other genres.

The line includes two swashbuckler-y figures - Mira the Inquisitor, a female Solomon Kane sort, and Meagan the Buccaneer, an 18th century-ish pirate captain - but I think that a model of a swashbuckling swordswoman, perhaps in the style of Dark Agnes or Red Sonya, would be a worthwhile addition to the collection.

Of the current figures, my two favorites are definitely deep sea diver Vivian Gale and Mongol warrior Wu Ling Shu - I could see the latter appearing somewhere in my game-world.


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    1. Yeah, that's a really cool figure. Beautiful without the cheesecake, and 100% badass.


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