Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Word About Dice Conventions

If you follow the various random tables I've posted here, you may notice that they tend to be either d20 or d6, d6 tables. There's a pretty simple reason for this: the d20 and d6 are the only dice required for playing Flashing Blades, and since most of my content is generated with my own campaign in mind, I tend to keep to FB's conventions.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that this is kinda silly. It's not like I don't own other polyhedral dice. I have a score of d4s, d8s, d10s, and d12s in my beat-up clear plastic Ziplock dice bag - fancy I ain't - but there's an sort of aesthetic symmetry which appeals to me about aligning my own content with that of the published game.

And considering that we have a whole blog devoted to the d12 and a game book built around the d30 - popular with these guys, no doubt - and even a game which goes out of its way to use some of the most obscure dice produced, I feel like my stuff comes off, well, a bit plain by comparison.

Then again, one of the things I like about Traveller and The Fantasy Trip is that you can raid a Yahtzee set for all the dice you need to play the game, so keeping the funny dice to a minimum isn't all bad.

And d20 and d6 were good enough for OD&D, so Flashing Blades is in fine company.

But don't be too surprised if I sneak a d16 or d24 table in on you at some point. Variety's good, too.

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