Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lazy Saturday Link Dump

FXR's Honor + Intrigue campaign, De cape et d'épée, is underway - check out the adventure logs, and if your French isn't up to the task, remember that Translate is your friend.

The campaign starts in the midst of a trip to the market, a duel interrupted, the king thrown from his horse . . . and the assassination of Concino Concini!

If you're on Obsidian Portal and you haven't added this campaign to your favourites . . . well, why the heck haven't you added it yet?!

Beedo recounts a Gencon seminar on historical roleplaying, which he summarises thus: "The overarching advice that came out of the seminar, a guide to solving all problems that arise when running a period game, is to use common sense, don't be an ass, and have a clear understanding what everyone at the table wants from the game." This is a topic I've thought about a bit, and I always like to read others' take on it.

Daystar Eld has a great piece on offering meaningful choices to the players and their characters. Hint: tough choices are good, and knowing they're tough choices is better.


  1. Mike,
    Would you be willing and able to assemble the Endgame series into its own tab?

    I love rereading the posts but going through each month post by post to find them is a touch tedious.

    If it's a ton of trouble, don't worry about it. I'm just asking. :)

  2. There might have been something lost in translation, but there was no assassination of Concini in De Cape et d'Épée (at least, yet). Altought, that there was an assassination attempt by Concini's men on the PCs.

    For what the PC know, Rosaire (Rosary), a former servant of Concini arrived in town and went to see his former master. Obviously, something happened betwen them and Rosary had nearly his neck in the hangman's loop when he was saved by De Joigny (with some help from the rowdy Parisian crowd). Rosaire know work for the Duke of Lerma, a Spanish noble just arrived in town who invited the PCs for diner.

    Obviously, there were quite a bit of complications, involving romance with a florist and, as you described, a problem with the King's horse.

  3. I'm going to have to read these. Alas, my French is so poor I'll have to depend on Google Translate. :(


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