Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for Networked

When I decided I wanted to run a swashbuckling campaign, I went to a couple of gaming forums to ask for opinions on games.

Once I settled on Flashing Blades, I ordered .pdf copies of the rules.

To help me run the campaign, I created a wiki to manage my notes.

When I decided I was ready to run the campaign, I recruited players through a website and a Yahoo group and a local Meetup.

Once we settled down to playing, we organized our game-days by e-mail. When one of the players moved home to Scandanavia after finishing his post-doc, we began playing by both e-mail and Skype.

And after spending literally years thinking about this stuff, I decided to start a blog.

The intrewebs changed tabletop roleplaying games for the better, offering gamers unprecedented connectivity, from finding obscure games through eBay and online retailers to locating other players with like interests to sharing campaigns via wikis to playing by forum post, email, intreweb chat, Skype, and Google+ to creating and sharing new games, supplements, and adventures to simply building and maintaining the niche community of hobbyists who play these silly games.

I can even roll my dice online if I like.


  1. Were it not for the Internet, I would probably not get to play ANY RPGs these days. I've located nearly all my players online.

    1. I've used the phrase 'Electrum Age' to describe the impact of computers on my tabletop gaming.


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