Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for Animation

Welcome, A to Z Bloggers, to Really Bad Eggs, my thinking-aloud blog about cape-and-sword tabletop roleplaying games. Sunday's regular feature is Cinematic, a clip highlighting movie swordplay.

April Fool's Day seems ideal for Daffy Duck as the swashbuckling Scarlet Pumpernickel, something of a cross between Zorro and Percy Blakeney. Familiar characters and zany ending aside, it's not a bad little genre tale.


  1. Love your blog title.

    Okay. I'd never thought of Daffy Duck as a swashbuckler. LOL.
    good cartoon.

  2. I know someone who talks just like Sylvester! :)

  3. Stopping over from the challenge and I like what I see.
    There's very few things better than a Porky Pig/Daffy Duck cartoon.
    Unless you include Bugs Bunny.

  4. Scarlet Pumpernickel... hehehehehe... Good one!
    And happy A to Z!
    You know, as I'm blogging about I am astounded by how many pirates there are! How come there are no pirates in my neighbourhood? (Jealous)

    1. Awesome! Off-genre, but...

  5. Good ol' daffy, he was a good laugh.

  6. Arrr... Cap'n Mike, ye be a postin' a mighty fine piece o' imagery thar, that be fer sure, me harty... yarrr!

    I be headin' off fer sum daring-do an' I warrant ye be a hearin' about it soon 'nuff.

    Until then...

  7. Popping in from the A-Z Challenge...
    Interesting blog title!
    Gotta love old Daffy - a real piece of work!

  8. Really bad eggs - LOVE the name of your blog.

    Embarrassed to admit I only saw the Scarlet Pimpernal (sp?) in the last year or so, though of course, I was familiar with Daffy's take on it. Great share. :-)

  9. As soon as I saw the title of your blog in the middle of the list, I had to check. I'm already bookmarking you! (And I love Daffy Duck's attempts at swashbuckling. You don't get better than his Robin Hood!)

  10. Getting so you have to kill yourself to sell a story around here... classic.

    Wonder if Mel Blanc did all the voices in one go, or all the Daffy dialogue, then Sylvester, and so on.

  11. First of all....LOVE your blog name. Second, Daffy is my fav. I love cartoons. I dont think I will ever stop loving them. Animation is created in so many mediums but all are great. Watch a cartoon a day and laugh to relieve stress and sadness.

  12. We attended my son's best friend's birthday party then celebrated my wife's birthday afterward, so I just saw the comments this morning. Thank you all for visiting Really Bad Eggs, and I'm glad you enjoyed the cartoon.

  13. Busy day... love this cartoon! Keep it up!


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