Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yet Another Field of Honor

You are challenged to a duel. Roll 1D20 to determine the actual location where the duel takes place.

1. On a rickety wooden bridge over roaring rapids.

2. By the light of a blazing bonfire in a ring of Romani wagons.

3. Inside a sea cave which floods waist-deep with each incoming wave - and fills to the ceiling on the ninth wave of every set - then empties out.

4. While balanced on a pair of chandeliers over a crowded theatre on opening night.

5. Knee-deep in effluent as sewer rats scramble up the duelists' clothing to escape the muck and mire.

6. In the cellar of a decrepit monastery amidst rotting casks of wine, ready to burst.

7. In a palace gallery lined with marble statues and suits of armor, with banners draped from the walls and ceiling.

8. Over the cracked marble benches of a Roman amphitheatre.

9. On the spray-swept decks of a listing galleon aground on a rocky reef.

10. On the loose terra-cotta tiles of an adobe mission roof.

11. In the smoky kiva of a cliff house.

12. In a narrow secret passage between the bedchambers of the king and his mistress.

13. In the hayloft of a thatch-roofed barn, lit by a single lantern perched precariously on the edge of a overturned bucket.

14. Atop the parapet of a ravelin amidst a thunderous cannon barrage.

15. On the steep stone steps of an Aztec pyramid.

16. In a treehouse built high in the jungle canopy by the survivors of a shipwreck.

17. Across the decks of a dozen canal barges moored together.

18. In a jolly boat as it spirals into a swirling whirlpool.

19. Roll on This Field of Honor table

20. Roll on Another Field of Honor table


  1. 2. Bonfires and Romani. A Giancarlo story shall surely follow.

  2. And here is the first portion of the Giancarlo story that was inspired by this table.

    It's a long one this time, and it will take several days to post it all.