Friday, May 18, 2012

I Can Haz Award?

Amanda at Drama, Dice, and Damsons very thoughtfully honored Really Bad Eggs with the Kreativ Blogger award. So, I have seven questions to answer, ten factoids to reveal, and seven more blogs to receive the award.

Seven questions -

1. What's your favorite song?
"Frank Sinatra," by Cake - the mariachi trumpet and the bajo sexto-like guitar remind me of listening to Spanish-language radio stations through the tiny earplug of a transistor radio in bed at night when I was a kid.

2. What's your favorite dessert?
Key lime pie at Poogan's Porch in Charleston, South Carolina.

3. What do you do when you're upset?
I tend to get either very loud or very quiet.

4. Which is your favorite pet?

5. Which do you prefer? Black or White?
White - it breaks down into any color.

6. What is your biggest fear?
Harm to my family.

7. What is your attitude mostly?
Level flight, when I can manage it.

Ten factoids -

1. Last summer I took a solo backpacking trip to a place called Siberian Outpost in the Sierra Nevada, where I sat and read Robert E. Howard stories to the sound of the wind rushing through ancient fox pines.

2. My favorite family vacation to date was our trip last year to Morro Bay, California. Canoeing on the bay with seals and a sea otter was the highlight of the trip - that's me standing in the bay to the right, preparing to lauch the canoe from the dunes.

3. I'm a San Francisco Giants fan, which is considered a sacrilege among southern Californians - my dad gave me a glove with Willy Mays' signature embossed in the leather when I was a boy, so I started following the Giants.

4. My other favorite sport is cycling. I watch more television in the month of July than at any other time of the year, thanks to the Tour de France coverage on OLN . . . uh, Versus . . . I mean, NBC Sports.

5. My favorite book is Death Comes for the Archbishop by Willa Cather. Visiting the Cathedral (now Cathedral Basilica) of St. Francis of Assisi was one of the highlights of a trip to Sante Fe.

6. I speak un petit peu French and un poco Spanish.

7. I celebrate my birthday and Father's Day every year with a jalapeño omelette and a couple of Modelo Negras at a local cafe on the beach, followed by a walk through a botanical garden.

8. My favorite holiday is Halloween.

9. A book called Seas, Maps and Men inspired me to study cartography and geomatics in college.

10. I believe it's better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven't done.

Seven awardees -

1. 19the Level - Daniel finds a way to inject new perspectives into very old, exhuastively rehashed topics, which is a rare gift.

2. The Signe of the Frothing Mug - Josh is a talented writer, and reading his blog is always a pleasure.

3. The Adventuring Archives - Kyle's a great guy and a talented artist, and his haversack posts are a lot of fun.

4. Raven Crowking's Nest - RC is one of my favorite posters from the days I hung out on EN World, with some excellent insights on gaming.

5. Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque - Jack's take on Gothic horror in roleplaying games is unique and compelling.

6. Lapsus Calumni - Matt's maps are nothing short of amazing.

7. Bayuca - My kindred spirit in swashbuckling, a Spanish-language mirror image of Really Bad Eggs.

Thanks again, Amanda.


  1. Mike: Awesome!, and also thank you sir for the kindly mention.

    1. My pleasure. Now go find seven worthy honorees of your own.

  2. Very nice. A well deserved award.

  3. A nice recognition, Mike, and I like the idea of a viral award, too: seems very "white hat" side the internet :D


  4. Congrats! My favorite Cake song is "I Bombed Korea" followed by "Stickshifts and Safetybelts".

    1. Thanks. Fashion Nugget is my 'desert island' album.

  5. Congrats and thanks for passing forward. Guess I have homework to do this week... :-)

    1. You're very welcome - I'm really enjoying your blog.