Thursday, January 10, 2013

Catching Up with Gonsalvo

Gonsalvo at Blunders on the Danube recently concluded continued his series of posts on his Seventies-vintage English Civil War armies.

English Civil War: Royalist Infantry: pt 2
English Civil War Parliamentary Infantry pt 2
Royalist Cavalry pt 2
Royalist Infantry pt 3

As I was doing some prep the other day, I reflected on the fact that it's April 1626 in Le Ballet de l'Acier, our Flashing Blades campaign, and for all intents and purposes, it's the last year of peace for France for decades to come. I think this is the year I need to start building my own TYW miniatures army, for the conflicts ahead.


  1. The Thirty Years War was more than a war; it was a Descent into Hell. I'll be interested to hear how your incorporate the wartime setting into the gameplay.

    One of the reasons I chose 1620's Ming Dynasty as the starting point of my own campaign is the inexorable progress of Manchu invasions, local uprisings and governmental breakdown that eventually lead to chaos, the fall of the dynasty and the take-over of the entire country (once again) by northern "barbarians." Unless the players can become very powerful very quickly, enough to stem the tide, they will have front row seats for the Apocalypse :-)

    1. Matthew, do you have an adventure log or a campaign wiki or something online? That sounds so interesting.

    2. Unfortunately, these days I rarely have time for actual play, much less writing about it on the web. :-((

      I have a keen interest in Le Ballet de l'Acier, since basically we're dealing with the same setting, but at different ends of the Eurasian continent. In the 1620's, however, there is not yet any direct contact between France and la Chine, apart from a few Jesuit missionaries. The Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish have already kicked off the first stages of Sino-European relations, via Macao, Formosa, and Manila. In fact, in the coming decades, we will see Europe's first war with China, the Sino-Dutch War of 1661-1662, in which the Dutch get their butts kicked by the son of a pirate!

  2. Actually, I have a few more ECW posts yet to inflict upon you; it's not yet safe for Cromwell or King Charles to go out unescorted!


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