Friday, September 7, 2012

Letters to Isabel, Redux

Marcello's impersonation takes a seductive turn in the latest actual play log of Jedediah's 7th Sea campaign.

I hope we're not heading down a path toward Fifty Shades of Don Gabriel.

And I get the feeling we'll be hearing more about the dangerous M. du Doré.

I appreciated the behind-baseball commentary, but I really like seeing the campaign through Marcello's eyes, at least as much of it as he's willing to share with Isabel.


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    1. Thanks for the heads up - should be fixed now.

  2. Fifty Shades of Don Gabriel - not if I and Marcello can help it. Thank you for that mental image, I'm going to bleach my brain now.

    This time I really struggled with the letter - Marcello tells Isabel a lot and they trust each other, but this is...awkward. But so much fun.

    Saroe: This one should

    1. "Thank you for that mental image, I'm going to bleach my brain now."

      Then mah werk here iz dun.

      It's a great format for the adventure logs, and Marcello's discomfort comes through. You write very well.

  3. Valmont is among my favorite characters to play and Hampton's adaptation of de Laclos' epistolary masterwork is delightful.

    That's a movie, like Ridicule, that I think of when I think about the kind of FB game I want to run.

    Need to check out all of Le Bossu, too, now that I know about it.

    I wonder if it wouldn't work better as a PbP rather than a face-to-face tabletop game.

    1. Le Roi Danse is another great movie for inspiration.
      Dangerous Liaisons is brilliant, I never get tired of watching Glenn Close and John Malkovich rip into each other, all while being very elegant and sophisticated. The Colin Firth movie never had a chance (not the fault of Firth, though, he's great as Valmont - but Annette Benning is no Glenn Close)