Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cinematic: Star Wars

The fight choreographer - who's also the man under the Vader mask - for this scene is a chap named Bob Anderson, who also choreographed Stephen Herek's The Three Musketeers - that's the Keifer Sutherland, Tim Curry, Rebecca DeMornay one, which for all its many faults has some decent swordplay.


  1. See, to me that looks a more realistic fighting style for swords that can cut through anything but another sword; than the 'zippity, flippity, look at me I'm dancing!' style of the prequels. Always keep the saber between you and the other guys saber. Except for that little spin move by OB1 in the early part. Couldn't help taunting Mr. More Machine than Man.

    1. Good point about keeping the sabers between them.

  2. SAROE expresses more eloquently what I wanted to say, too. Overall there was greater verisimilitude in the fight choreography of the original movies than in the prequels.

    On a personal note, I still regret not moving heaven and earth to get to a fight choreography workshop featuring Bob Anderson when I was still working in theater.