Friday, March 1, 2013

Okay, This Is Fun

Paul at Quickly, Quietly, Carefully put together a random pulp adventure name generator.

Here're my results -
  • The Clouds Adept
  • The Gods of Zamzig
  • Chitterer in Shadow
  • Crystal of the Lady-Hellion
  • The Lurking Dimmet
  • In the Acropolis of Zib
  • The Three Kings
  • The Aries Gulf
  • A Fiend Shall be Born
  • Vampire in the Pendulum
  • The Thunder Mistress
  • Dusk Into Middledon
  • In the Keep of Nâl
  • The Tentacle of Yim-qiz
  • Beneath the Cimmerian Reaches
  • Cult of the Gloomy Digon
  • The Gold of Yimcthu
  • The Mandible of Fanâlav
  • The Citadel of the Giant
  • Magenta Snake
  • The Omega Gulf
  • Atop the Moonlit Wasteland
  • Hoard of Qulgarqizav
  • Dragon-Killers of Dozul
  • Out of the Cassiopeia-Gulf
  • In the Citadel of Aaryim
  • Steading of the Crocodile
  • The Stranger of the Darkling Cave
  • God of Copper
  • The Call of Cthuxilqul
  • The Imp of Brass
  • The Dungeon of Yoza'ygg
This is just crying out to be paired with the PULP-O-MIZER.

Y'know, there're actually a few of those - The Gold of Ymicthu, Hoard of Qulgarqizav, God of Copper - that would make great rumors in my Flashing Blades campaign . . .


  1. Some of those are fantastic in both senses of the word, though it seems heavy on the Howard/Lovecraft type titles and light on the Gibson/Dent type.

    1. If I was running D&D or Chill, "Chitterer in Shadow" and "The Imp of Brass" would be great inspiration.

      "Ymicthu" and "Qulgarqizav" both sound vaguely Incan or Toltec, so I think those are going to end up as pirate legends.