Wednesday, March 13, 2013

No Wednesday Wyeth Today - Thanks, Photobucket!

Photobucket's crapped the sheets.

None of my existing images seem to be affected - so far - but logging into my account gives me an empty library and no way to upload anything. Yesterday, no problem - today, ghost town.

The thing that is most worrisome is the only help I could access was a blog post which suggested sending a whole bunch of personal informaiton to a web address - full name, date of birth, any and all emails under which my account might be affiliated, &c. Sounds like a total phishing scam.

If Photobucket craps out on me altogether, I'm really deep in it - almost all of the images on both RBE and my Obsidian Portal wiki are housed on Photobucket.

This sucks.


  1. Ouch. It works for me (although I migrated to Flickr a while ago, worked better for me). If it's any consolation, the images on your OP wiki display fine for me. I hope the problem solves itself and soon.

  2. Hey Mike,

    Sorry for the troubles. If you would, shoot us an e-mail at and I'll get this resolved right away. If you wouldn't mind, would you title your ticket "Really Bad Eggs" so that I can more easily find your ticket and prioritize it? You will receive an automated reply, but no worries, I'll get to it.

    If you'd just let me know in these comments when you shoot it out.

    This is a known issue and I want to make sure to get your photos recovered asap. Congrats on all your followers!


    PS - Just to assuage any lingering feelings of anxiety, I want to quickly address your comment on divulging personal information. Currently, we only ask for personal account details when a user is trying to recover an account, and should only ever be submitted through two channels: (1) - our ticketing system (our e-mail,, is integrated into that system), or (2) - through Facebook when contacting us directly through private messages.

    We take that personal information and compare it to the account details entered upon the account's registration. We take your privacy very seriously, those details are shared with no one. Please let me know if you're finding information out there indicating otherwise so that I can shore up any shaky details.

    1. Thanks very much for handling this, Billy - most appreciated.