Friday, December 14, 2012

Random Encounters: Rory's Story Cubes, Redux

In a thread I started at Big Purple about Rory's Story Cubes, Graham Bottley - the guy who brought back the classic Elizabethan roleplaying game Maelstrom and authored The Maelstrom Companion among other works - linked a solo roleplaying game, The 9Qs (pdf), which uses the story cubes to drive the action.

The 9Qs was created by JF at Solo Nexus, who helpfully supplies an actual play example as well - one of many, actually - on his blog.

I was surprisingly happy with using Mythic Game Master Emulator for solo play, but I'd like to try out The 9Qs at some point as well.

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  1. I need to make some time and check this out. The idea of using Rory's Story Cubes for in-game decision making is fascinating.