Monday, July 2, 2012

Of Corsairs and Conquistadors

Beyond the glittering palaces and perfumed nobles of Europe lies a far-flung frontier for swashbucklers to explore.

Nate at d20 Pirates continues to write about Mediterranean corsairs; unfortunately the posts aren't grouped by a tag, but they're easy enough to find using the post list on the blog. My favorite so far is a mini-gazetteer of the Med.

Meanwhile Bill at The Crown and the Ring is tossing around some ideas for a fantastic conquistadors setting; who doesn't love warriors dressed in jaguar skins carrying obsidian-edged swords?

Both bloggers include lots of historical tidbits and ideas for roleplaying along with their game stats, so even if I can't use the latter, I'm getting lots of good stuff from the former. Enjoy!

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  1. It'd be great if there were an RPG for ecploring and conquering the New World.