Saturday, July 28, 2012

Field Test

During the course of our game today, the adventurers found themselves on the road, travelling from Turin to Milan, so I decided to give the event table I created a couple of months ago a try.

First, the adventurers were stranded for a few days at a Milanese inn when their horses took ill from some bad feed (26), then they were hit by a sharp snowstorm (66) which forced them to find shelter and cost them another travel day at least - and probably more as the roads turn to mud when the snow melts. The delay at the inn also resulted in one of the adventurers seducing the innkeeper's wife and a near-brawl with the woman's brothers.

The players realized that their characters are unlikely to be crossing the Alps on their way home to France after their mission to Milan is done.

So, event table actual play field test? Success!


  1. Replies
    1. It was - can't wait to play again next weekend.

    2. So happy you are back at the table again! Glad the event table worked! Sounds like it enhanced play, which to me is the key to random tables.