Thursday, May 24, 2018

Photobucket Finds Head, Removes From Ass

So I was pleasantly - and profoundly - surprised to discover all my broken photo links were restored both here on RBE and on my Obsidian Portal campaign wiki. Apparently last year's attempt to extort users for $400.00 in fees annually to link to photos from a third-party website cost the CEO his job. The charge dropped to a more modest thirty bucks a year for two gigs of storage, third-party linking, and no more intrusive, speed-sucking ads.

I have no idea if this strategy will keep Photobucket solvent - they claims tens of millions of users, but how many of those actively use their accounts? - in an online environment very different from the one in which the company, and the concept of photo-hosting, was created. I went ahead and signed up, for if nothing else, maybe it buys me enough time to migrate my images to a more stable platform.

In the meantime, I get to be not-as-embarrassed by the state of my meager sites, so that's something, I suppose.


  1. Good to know, thanks Mike!


    1. Yer welcome, Allan!

      I made a point of including artwork of some kind with most of my posts, so the hit to the blog was substantial, but nothing like what happened to the wiki, which is still screwed sideways thanks to OP's 'developers,' even with the pictures restored. Years of research, image searching, writing and linking shot to hell.

      I think I need a wheel of Gruyere to go with my whine.

      Hope all's well with you and yers.

    2. Fortunately I swiped loads of material from your OP campaign pages while the site still worked properly. Truly inspirational stuff. I haven't said "thankyou" before so this seems like a good opportunity: thankyou.

  2. Way too late. I'd have paid $30 to avoid doing work . . . but now that work is mostly done.

    1. I'm sure that's true of a lot of now-former users.


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