Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Quick Note About That Hiatus

I've been having trouble sleeping.

I went for weeks with nothing more than two or three hours of fitful, wakeful sleep a night, leaving me in an increasing fog which got to the point where I was forced to take a day off work or risk hurting myself or someone else. I tried all the usual methods for dealing with insomnia without success.

Fortunately, I figured out the cause - recovery muscle pain in my legs from being back in the gym for the last month - and developed a treatment plan - a couple of aspirin an hour before bed - and now I seem to be back on a relatively normal sleep schedule.

Posting resumes tomorrow.


  1. welcome back. thought you might be interested in this:

    1. That does look good - and it's relevant to both late Renaissance and Early Modern games, for an understanding of shooting guilds such as the one depicted in Rembrandt's famous The Night Watch.

      Thanks for the link.