Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"The pass to Bourbon . . . Slapshot! . . . GOAL!"

The capacity for human creativity never fails to amaze me.

Browsing deviantART earlier today, I stumbled across ~KM-Mafia's page at dA and his gallery of historical hockey sweaters, including four from the 17th century.

Kingdom of France

Holy Roman Empire

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland

That a Canadian would think of hockey sweaters is utterly unremarkable. To pair them with extinct states? I would never think of that, and now, after seeing them, I can't STOP thinking about them. I would buy the whole set if someone would make them.


  1. Finally! Hockey jerseys I would buy and wear. LOL!

    That is brilliant.

    1. I'd friggin' learn how to skate to wear one of these!

  2. Add me to the list of those that would buy- and I am a hockey fan!

    1. If you hadn't commented on this, I was going to send you the link - knew you'd appreciate this.