Monday, June 18, 2012

More on Rewards

IntWisCha reminds me of Adam Dunn. So far this season, the Chisox slugger has twice as many strikeouts as he does hits, but half his hits are home runs. As far as gaming commentary and content goes, IntWisCha misses more often than it hits with me, but The Abstract Assets Random Generator not only goes yard, it swats a grand salami.

When thinking about the rewards appropriate to swashbucklers in cape-and-sword roleplaying games, you could do far worse than to consult these lists for inspiration.


  1. Thanks for this! Inspiration indeed!

  2. Adam Dunn, in sabermetric terms, is a prototypical Three True Outcomes hitter. TTO's are always fun and/or frustrating to watch depending on the situation and your rooting interests.

    1. Three True Outcomes:

    2. I admit, I love to watch Big Donkey bat. He's like a cartoon character, all bulging muscles and huge swing.